Despite turbulent economic conditions affecting critical markets – including ICT and telecommunications – there are companies that have absorbed the pressure and used the experience to strengthen their strategies.

Recently established technology company, HP, announced that globally it would shed 27 000 jobs, about 8% of its international workforce. Nokia has also reported its intention to cut 10 000 jobs worldwide.

Facebook recently officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), at $38 per share, which later lost significant value. It was reported that shareholders were looking to take legal action against the social network giant’s founder.

More recently there has been discussion from the US about major retail brands shutting their Facebook storefronts – although analysts are quick to warn of discounting the value of this platform within the commercial front.

With these increasingly difficult international market conditions, companies are battling to sustain and maintain their positions.

The Integr8 Group has tailored its growth strategy to absorb the impact of changing markets and of economic challenges such as job creation and skills availability.

“We continue to recruit key skills sets for new positions in line with our growth requirements,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO of Integr8.

“The need for managed ICT services and support is increasing as businesses adapt to- and leverage off the latest technology trends. These trends include social media, consumerisation of IT, big data and virtual services. In order to satisfy demand and sustain a 24/7/365 proactive service, a business has to rely on its HR component and intellectual capital. We are fortunate in that we have been able to recruit and retain the services of a highly competent, motivated and skilled team of professionals. This has been central to our success,” he explained.

Integr8 is a South Africa-based global company that employs over 550 people across its network, covering South Africa, key regions in Africa and Europe.

The company’s service portfolio includes a range of managed ICT, support and cloud computing services. These are centred around and supported by a Nerve Centre®, a one-of-a-kind high-tech based from which all client systems are monitored and managed by experienced personnel.

It is here where technical skills, experience and passion for service blend to offer an always-on’ client management service – one of the company’s most distinguished differential qualities.

According to Sussman technology, alone, can only add a certain amount of value. It is the people in an organisation, in addition to the latest infrastructure, that is necessary for lasting success – particularly within uncertain and difficult economic conditions.