DATE:  06 MARCH 2009
Integr8 Group celebrates eight years in the market
Company remains a sought-after place of work for the ICT professional

Team members within the Integr8 Group have raised their glass to toast eight successful years of exemplary service levels within the growing ICT managed services and technology integration space.

What started out as a modest managed services outlet at the dawn of the Y2K period has grown into a well established, highly respected, competitive global ICT enterprise that encompasses a number of associate companies and services, and continues to break new ground in current and emerging markets.

Executive management at the Group put this (as well as other progress and achievement) down to a number of factors, but most importantly, because of an unwavering commitment to core operation and focus.

This factor combines strategically with the company’s non-negotiable stance and policy governing its core values and continuous innovation.

Joint CEOs and founders Lance Fanaroff and Robert Sussman believe the strength of the commendations by customers and partners, together with industry awards – including nomination for being amongst the top ICT Workplace Providers for five consecutive years – demonstrates the strength of the strategy adopted.

The company has maintained a steadfast approach in leading international workplace trends and ensuring the best possible facilities, whilst also reinforcing its acclaimed Nerve Centre™ component.

It is the opportunity to be a part of this high-tech, centralised customer support infrastructure and respected service platform that continues to attract the attention of those eager to enter the marketplace.

Aside from logistic and practical workplace incentives and modern infrastructure/ facilities, management has also implemented several successful career development, practical training initiatives.

These are designed not only to successful formerly induct new members to the greater Integr8 team, but also assist them to find their feet in an ever-changing, very dynamic and fast-paced industry.

“This is a critical time in most sectors, but particularly within the information and communication technology arena,” says Sussman. “Global economic and financial pressure and the ongoing need for skills and trained professionals are having an enormous affect and impact on trade within the technology market at large. Whilst companies are mostly reactive to the situation, essentially this is a time to be proactive and demonstrate the benefits associated with a solid platform for career development within ICT.”

Fanaroff concurs emphasizing that the company has always placed a premium on acquiring the ‘best minds the industry has to offer’ and structuring packages that are designed to empower and reward individuals as they grow and develop their careers.

“When we first laid down the overall plan for the company and its direction, there were a number of fundamental business principles that were listed as non-negotiable, that could not be modified or sidelined or adapted. Whilst we were always fully aware of the need to be flexible in our approach – given the nature of the ICT services industry- we knew that there were certain specific aspects that were set in concrete. One of these aspects was the attraction and retention of sought after skills sets and individuals that were motivated to learn, to be the best and fully appreciated the need to reinforce the core values of the company. We believe we have created a secure platform from which to leverage off this fundamental and it continues to pay dividend,” says Fanaroff.

There are in the region of 450 employees listed on the Integr8 Group payroll.
The Group continues to receive a high percentage of applications for various posts – evidence that the current economic downturn is adding pressure to the situation and ensuring that any prospects to build a career are coveted says Sussman.

“It is clear that there are a number of career seekers that are entering the market and are faced with the conundrum of having to secure employment armed with qualifications but limited experience – or, in some cases, with no experience at all. It would be fair to say that the ICT industry will always represent a channel of opportunity but that the market is under pressure at the moment and this can make a difference to those aspiring to break into the industry and establish a foothold. However, there is always a chance and much depends on how much research candidates have done, their ability to demonstrate their capability, their willingness to work hard and their determination to get ahead irrespective of the circumstances,” he adds.