Integr8 face-to-face with Zuckerburg
Executive management at the Integr8 Group is planning to capture further market share within Africa’s expanding cellular-based mobile Internet segment.

Having recently met with management at Facebook at the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley Palo Alto, California, Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, returned to South Africa with a fresh strategy to capitalise on what he describes as “the most viable platform to expand access to online resources in Africa.”

“There is great interest in addressing the need for Internet access within the mass market in South Africa and Africa. However, whilst the PC and laptop have been identified as the most practical means of providing access in other regions and markets, from a domestic point of view the convergence of cellular technology with Internet applications represents the most practical way of engaging the local market,” says Sussman.

According to Sussman there is definitely room for other service providers within the integration of social platforms with mobile devices.

He points out that aspects such as access to Facebook applications via iPhone and Blackberry represent key drivers behind the market.

“However this access is not available for text-based only phones, so this may emerge as a key area of opportunity for new players,” adds Sussman.

Integr8 is now planning to bolster its Africa strategy to leverage off the popularity of social networking platforms and the ripple effect of increased access within ICT infrastructure development and managed services.

“Our objective is to deliver first-world applications and services to Africa. We take heed of greater access to global social media sites via last mile and undersea cables, as well as the value that social networking has in business today. This is something that decision makers must embrace and use as a highly strategic resource,” Sussman continues.

As a reminder to the market of its intent, Integr8 recently hosted multiple National premiere evenings of The Social Network movie, a depiction of Zuckerberg’s rise to fame  The evening was attended by Integr8’s customers, business partners, Facebook Fans as well as the countries leading CEO’s, CIO’s and Entrepreneurs.

The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, is about the founders of the social-networking website Facebook and its impact on the world.

“The Facebook story is a powerful tale of commercial success and of personal achievement. What I found particularly interesting when speaking with Mark Zuckerberg is that he originally saw the concept of Facebook as being more a means for anyone to be able to broadcast, something that has always been the domain of well-off individuals or established studios,” says Sussman.

“Facebook has literally given anyone a platform to broadcast anything at anytime to a mass audience. From a business perspective there is so much that can be done and gained from investing in this opportunity and we are excited to be working with Facebook on the African continent,” he continues.

DATE:  29 OCTOBER 2010