There is an increase in demand for intelligent solutions that empower users with the ability to fully control applications running on a network at any given time, and to better manage these applications to free up network capacity – in other words, effectively manage network traffic to optimise the resource.


Jacques Watermeyer, CTO Integr8 IT
Jacques Watermeyer, CTO Integr8 IT

Jacques Watermeyer, Chief Technical Officer at Integr8, says the benefits of integrating a robust, proven network traffic management solution are clear and this is why the company continues to experience an increase in demand for its F5 global offering.


F5 is best known internationally for its application traffic management methodology, one that the company pioneered and designed for intercepting, inspecting and translating network traffic, and then directing it to the optimum resource based on specific business policies.


The market today demands that businesses be agile, reduce costs and secure a quick return on investment. Agility and streamlined operation is the underlying theme running across all sectors and industries, in order to absorb the pressure of economic downturn impacting on trade.


“It makes sense that the market would be attracted to a solution that provides instant visibility into which applications are running on any network, and enables management of these applications, as well as scale to an organisation’s requirements by allowing additional applications to be securely integrated,” says Watermeyer.


Integr8 is a leading & renowned managed ICT services provider, equipped with the experience, knowledge and technical capability to help clients immediately integrate F5 and apply the advantages.


The acclaimed South African-based global services house can completely cover the entire solution and simultaneously help manage all applications under its control. It can also guide clients in the exploration to remotely manage features and services offered by the solution.


“We also add value as a single supply and support partner,” adds Watermeyer. “And we have the relevant skills & expertise in-house to ensure this level of support.”


“F5 is easy to engage and manage; and it has one support line to a set of professional engineers worldwide that supports the channel, partner and vendors. Each technology has a set of expertise required. The F5 certification program is progressive and builds on the skills and knowledge demonstrated in previous exams,” he continues.


As load balancers continue evolving into today’s Application Delivery, F5 delivers more than just the average result – it allows the additional benefits to enable application developers to expand why pass what modern day load balancers achieve.