DATE:  03 MARCH 2009

Integr8 eyes Africa ICT market

[ Johannesburg, 3 March 2009 ] – Local managed ICT services company Integr8 wants to expand its branches into Africa, following opportunities in the ICT and telecommunications market.

There are critical strengths in the ICT marketplace in Africa today, according to Integr8 Group CEO Robert Sussman. This is because the continent remains a vastly untapped resource of intellectual capital and skills, backed by a strong culture of people willing to learn and trade, he adds.
“One of the more significant realisations to emerge from the international ICT space is that Africa now has a vantage position as a credible source of skills, human resources and genuine business growth opportunity.”

The Integr8 Group signalled its intent to explore commercial opportunities within the continent when it opened its flagship office base and headquarters in Botswana in 2004. Its strategy into Africa is based on leveraging of international best practice and technology adoption and innovation, with the intention to marry these principles in the local market.

“We were very encouraged by the early success of our initial presence in the market. This branch was central to our overall strategy of expanding our managed ICT services across emerging markets. Our experience has shown there is a growing need for these services in the public and private sector,” Sussman says.

“Telecommunications, for example, is a growing market, especially in areas like Botswana and Nigeria – there is certainly an appreciation for the role of a reliable, credible and knowledgeable managed services partner.”