Decision makers at the Ecowize Group, an established local hygiene and sanitation service provider to the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, has brought about significant change to the company’s ICT infrastructure. The Integr8 Group was brought in to assist with managed services to bolster network performance, connectivity and uptime.

The Ecowize Group was founded in 1993 and specialises in a range of services including high performance cleaning, route based support services, management & advisory services and environmental services.

The company is positioned at the forefront of technology development within the hygiene and sanitation industry and operates on a global platform.

“Connectivity and uptime are critical to our client’s operation. The company’s core business is dependent on the ability to communicate with an extensive customer base – which is affected by network performance and reliable connectivity,” explains Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.

In order to ensure this required level of network performance and connectivity Integ8 introduced a range of managed services including VPN connectivity as well as site and server management.

“The virtual private network connectivity facilitates centralized and optimum communication between our client’s head office and its network of branches and offices. This means that the network can offer centralized access to shared resources,” adds Sussman.

Integr8 management maintains that the provision of a blend of on-site and remote services, while managed from its central Nerve Centre® operation, represent key cost and operational efficiency advantages to clients.

“Onsite personnel, backed by secure redundant links to the Nerve Centre, allow the technology engineers to feel the pains and pressures of the client’s infrastructure platform around the clock.  Over and above this full remote management and deployments are provisioned according the best of breed global standards. This ensures correct capacity planning and allows for consistency – all of which are important when it comes to applied managed ICT services,” he adds.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Managing Director of Ecowize, says the company has been impressed with the level of service received to date from Integr8.

“We are dealing with an established, experienced services partner. We have embarked on a project to move our paper based quality management system into paperless environment, via a new technological platform, that allows our sites to keep process and system requirements, remotely and real-time, with centralized reporting and controls. This initiative has only been made possible by the infrastructure support we have received from Integr8.

The company has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that there is no disruption to our operation during the process of technology replacement. We now have in place a credible, effective channel that will reinforce our infrastructure and help us to ensure consistent service delivery,” says Lloyd-Jones