Integr8, a leading ICT infrastructure and managed services provider and division of Business Connexion (BCX) Group, has provided core infrastructure upgrade services to support a Telkom Fibre Optics installation at several sites making up the Lindsay Saker vehicle dealership network.


Lindsay SakerThe result has been a well-timed and perfectly executed upgrade of power, trenching, piping and Earth Bars at branches.


The ICT services provider was called in to assess and upgrade infrastructure at Lindsay Saker, part of the Imperial Group and Volkswagen South Africa vehicle dealership.


Another substantial challenge for Lindsay Saker was having to become Telkom compliant before the telecommunications company would install fibre into the dealership branches.


“Our client was looking for a one-stop-shop service and we were differentiated by our pricing and efficiency,” says Robert Sussman, Joint CEO, Integr8.


Integr8 has the hardware, resources, expertise and experience under one roof and was able to furnish its client with all IT and connectivity requirements.


This means that any operation across any sector or industry vertical has access to a single service provider who is empowered with the relevant skill sets, technology and support resources to address any requirement.


“We place a premium on proactive service and the delivery of expertise to support the adoption of innovation and core infrastructure upgrade to enhance performance,” Sussman continues. “Our client invested in fibre optics and had to ensure that the business was Telkom compliant before any fibre could be installed. We have proven expertise in this area and we are able to apply immediate value to our clients.”


Wayne Dale, IT Manager at Lindsay Saker, says Integr8 has exceptional technical skills and all the relevant experience to ensure that the vehicle dealership derived maximum value from the fibre optic installation.