Integr8, South African-based global managed ICT services provider and Lenovo Premium Partner, has been recognised with an award for out-performing sales quotas for the first half of the PC vendor’s fiscal year.

In 2015 Integr8 was officially recognised into Lenovo’s partner network and immediately set about making the PC brand’s entire laptop / server and desktop suite of products available to the market.  Premium partners must reach specific sales targets per quarter to sustain their status and make themselves eligible for rebates.

At an event held at the Langhams Lifestyle Estate in Johannesburg in the first week of November, Integr8 was recognised for its excellence in sales and its success in achieving more than the required targets.

Graham Braum (General Manager – Lenovo) , Bennie Strydom (CSO, Integr8 IT), Marc Godin (Lenovo VP – MEA), Abrie Van Staden (Commercial Channel Manger Lenovo)
Graham Braum (General Manager – Lenovo) , Bennie Strydom (CSO, Integr8 IT), Marc Godin (Lenovo VP – MEA), Abrie Van Staden (Commercial Channel Manger Lenovo)

Executive leadership at Lenovo praised Integr8 on its performance, professionalism and dedication to the global brand.

“Integr8 has proved in a very short period to be a strong Lenovo Partner. Going forward we expect them to grow incrementally with the Lenovo brand in both the PC Client and Enterprise segments. They offer a great deal of value to the brand as a premium partner and we look forward to strengthening the partnership to new heights going forward,” says Abrie van Staden, Lenovo Commercial Channel Manager.

Bennie Strydom, Chief Sales Officer at Integr8, commented that Integr8 seeks to partner with effective, successful industry leaders and Lenovo ticks all the boxes.

“Lenovo is number 231 on the Fortune Global 500 Rankings list. It is the world’s largest PC vendor, one of the Top Three in Enterprise and a Top Four Player in Smartphones,” says Strydom. It delivers a full range of durable appliances for our customer base,” Strydom adds. “It also allows us to be even more competitive in the market when selling end-user support services.”

The partnership enables Integr8 to leverage off the Lenovo portal. This allows access to detect product and track refresh cycles and updates to the latest firmware and software available to the Lenovo platforms which is offered by Integr8.

Integr8 has paid careful attention to skill sets to ensure value-add to end-user support services on advanced platform technology.

The Company feels it has the required level of expertise to broaden the Lenovo technical superiority and value component in an ultra-competitive marketplace.