I’m writing this letter to commend the I8 team, based here at the Kelly Group. Last week Thursday the group had its annual awards and the Kelly Group IT department won as the Best department in the group for 2012.

To put this into perspective when I joined the group just over four years ago we had a satisfaction rating of 52%. To say that the IT department was in turmoil back then is a massive understatement. At the time we
devised some key strategic imperatives to accomplish the future goal of becoming a top performer for the business, this vision has now been realized and it would have been impossible to achieve had it not been for the gigantic never say die attitude of the I8 team on site.

I am immensely proud of the guys particularly in the part they play on a daily basis at the customer interface.

I need to recall a user comment two weeks ago when in passing she said “Andre these guys are incredible, never too busy always friendly and forever helping in our issues regardless of how menial it might seem, you have the greatest bunch of guys I’ve ever worked with and that is all of them!”

To have a goal realized and to do it with people that share in that goal is an honour and a privilege.

I salute the entire team