DATE:  26 OCTOBER 2006

Independent Development Trust outsources to Integr8 IT

[ Johannesburg, 26 October 2006 ] – The Independent Development Trust (IDT) has employed the services of Integr8 IT to upgrade its existing Citrix Thin Client technology and strengthen its ICT infrastructure and related capability.

IDT’s core business is development programme management, the harnessing/leveraging of resources and building delivery capacity.

The company was established in 1990 to focus on the development of disadvantaged communities throughout SA and has grown significantly since its inception.

This growth factor and the advancement in technology necessitated a review of systems and infrastructure.

“More on-demand applications needed to be rolled-out and deployed in the shortest space of time. Integr8IT implemented and upgraded the entire Citrix infrastructure allowing IDT to leverage off the management of applications such as GreatPlains and Microsoft’s Office suite, as well as the organisation’s internal intranet,” explains Robert Sussman, joint MD at Integr8 IT.

“This allowed for rapid speeds and easy associability through Web interface to these applications.”

Integr8 IT identified several core objectives of the project, including the upgrade of Citrix environment to ensure speed and reliability of applications, as well as the roll out of applications to seven branches across the country.

“Essentially the IDT now has the peace of mind that it can expand and simultaneously ensure hassle-free management due to effective infrastructure,” Sussman continues. “It also promotes a higher level of productivity because it fulfils the demand for easy, on-demand access to systems using any device and network.”

The decision to partner with Integr8 IT has created the platform for business expansion, higher levels of productivity, greater service and lower costs.

Robert Sussman, joint MD at Integr8 IT.

Core requirements of Integr8 IT’s involvement was to ensure that the IT administrator has the ability to observe, monitor, control and manage access and resources in order to deliver the highest level of service at the lowest cost.

In addition the company had to provide for higher productivity, lower costs and greater control over infrastructure.

“In terms of greater business agility business managers need access to be transparent. They want to see through the IT infrastructure to the operational efficiency, data security, employee mobility and business agility it helps to achieve. IT administrators need access to be visible. To observe, monitor, control, and manage access and resource usage to deliver the highest service at the lowest cost,” adds Sussman.

Eric Toba, senior IT manager at IDT, says, “We have been engaged with Integr8IT since 2001. We have found their network services to be most professional at all times. The innovative design and implementation of our Citrix Metaframe solution have improved our network environment to ensure effective data transfer between our regional based offices. This solution immeasurably improved the perception of our integrated system which enabled us to continue using it.”

“Integr8IT has also provided us with the piece of mind that we are guaranteed to have a high level of specialist support available to assist us in the event of escalation on any of our network related services. We take this opportunity to thank Integr8IT for their professionalism provided to us as a client and wish them the very best in their future endeavours,” Toba continues.
Integr8 IT
Integr8 IT is a network technology services and solutions company. A recognised leader in the field of system integration, infrastructure management and support services, the company employs a wealth of highly skilled, best of breed, certified system engineers who are directly involved in high level consulting, support and integration.
The company’s core focus is on network infrastructures specialising in design, planning, deployment, management and maintenance. Offices are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and representation in Port Elizabeth, East London, and across the Southern Africa region.
Integr8 IT is a Microsoft Certified GOLD Partner for Enterprise Systems and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions. It has been accredited as the Mid-Market Infrastructure Integrator of the Year for the last two consecutive years. Named as one of the country’s top ICT companies and honoured with a position among SA’s Technology Top 100 Companies, Integr8 IT has established itself as a strategic partner with several internationally-recognised technology vendors and industry leaders, including: 3Com, CA, Citrix, Intel, Microsoft, MTN Network Solutions and Attix 5.

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