Robert Sussman, joint CEO of the Integr8 Group

ICT advancement in business

There is little doubt that virtualisation lies at the foundation of intensive and ongoing scrutiny by business into the true value and efficiency of ICT strategies.

If there is one thing to be learnt from the ongoing global socio-economic shift, it is that we cannot afford to underestimate or overlook the important role that information, communication and digital lifestyle technology plays in business.

New systems, enhanced processes and procedures, and customer relationship management equates to increased competitive advantage. The era of multiple, co-sourced ICT management is here and it is changing the way businesses compete, engage their markets and fight for market share.

During challenging periods of volatile economic activity, decision-makers have to know whether their infrastructure and strategies are making a real contribution to meeting requirements and actually lifting levels of service. The days of throwing money at technology and changing the business to suit infrastructure are long gone.