DATE:  28 APRIL 2009

Go green to make the green

While some people may be surprised to learn that environmental sustainability and financial sustainability are not mutually exclusive, one of the more prominent global trends driving ICT distribution and supply is the conscious development and release of eco-friendly infrastructure.
So claims Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8 IT, South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist.
According to Sussman, while there is an increase in general awareness of environmentally-friendly technology supply and use in the South African market, it has yet to be instilled as a recognised, fully established and policy-driven revenue stream in corporations.
This is partly why Integr8 IT has embarked on an aggressive ‘green technology’ campaign to engage with its market about the advantages of environmentally friendly technology solutions, and what it means to invest in energy efficient computing.
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Integr8 IT’s stance on green technology falls very much in line with Microsoft’s ongoing initiative to assist the market in dealing with complex business issues, such as the economy, the environment and unpredictable energy prices.
The objective of the campaign is to assist organisations to reduce the energy consumption of technology by taking advantage of built-in power management features, increasing server utilisation through virtualisation technology, and managing IT infrastructure for efficiency.
“Two key business silos within the Group, Integr8 IT Professional Services and Integr8 IT Sales, will together drive solutions and selling opportunities to accommodate and instil the merits of adopting a more ‘green’ or eco-friendly IT environment,” says Sussman.
“Every business, irrespective of size, wants to use energy and resources wisely. Integr8IT as a Microsoft’s Gold Partner can help businesses implement environmentally sustainable business policies and practices through Environmental Management.”
“The fact is that there are a number of IT solutions available today that deliver significant savings through a combination of energy conservation, improved workflow, and streamlined deployment.
“Unprecedented public awareness of environmental issues means there’s a social dividend to be gained by companies that go green, including being able to attract great talent,” he concludes.