GearhouseSAGearhouse South Africa, a leading technical supplier to the live event industry, has utilised its long-time partnership with Integr8 to ensure that it has comprehensive IT support across its entire operation and client engagement.

The relationship between both companies goes back over 6 years and and during this period Integr8 has provided its client with a range of technology services including MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), Server Room, and Entire IT Infrastructure maintenance and support.

Integr8 provides proactive & reactive technical support and maintenance on hand, 24/7 to assist in resolving faults and queries. The company’s resources have the relevant knowledge of the business to log and escalate faults to the right division at Integr8, the first time. The result is a dramatic reduction in downtime and the ability to address critical faults.


Integr8’s unique value proposition

Clients like Gearhouse South Africa are reliant upon ICT infrastructure that facilitates internal and external realtime communication.

The role of Integr8 is to provide technology that holistically and effectively manage a company’s ICT. This is accomplished by the state-of-art management hub or Nerve Centre® that is in place.

“Our Nerve Centre® is the nucleus of our IT management offering. It includes some of the world’s finest technology. Our engineers can access your ICT systems and conduct running repairs, security updates and even remote audits to ensure optimal operation,” explains Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.

This hub provides 24/7 support and there is also a tier-3 support available around the clock should escalation be required.


Integr8’s technical engineers have empowered Gearhouse with essential business management practices that will enable the Company to leverage off their current ICT and enhance their ability to compete.

Nasser Abbas from Gearhouse South Africa believes the Company’s partnership with Integr8 has helped to ensure it remains in a leadership position and use technology strategically to truly strengthen operations.