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Fintech, cryptocurrencies, chatbots and robo-advisors! If you work in South Africa’s financial services industry, you know you must bring your A-game. Financial planners, wealth managers, tax specialists and insurance brokers… we’re talking to you.

The pace of technological progress, combined with ever-tightening industry regulations, has made it more complex than ever to bill your hours, earn your commission and stay in business. We get it: your clients just aren’t coming to you for advice like they used to, they have the Internet. If you’re going to add real value, you need technology on your side to make you work smarter, not harder, and give your clients the expert advice they deserve.

That’s where Integr8 comes in. We understand the challenges you’re facing in your industry. We want to equip your financial services business with the right tools and technology to help you accelerate through the corners, and become more efficient and competitive.

Our technology solution is specifically tailored for a modern financial and business services company like yours. Get everything you need to do business in one easy-to-purchase package or build your own customisable solution, scalable to match your unique business needs.

Integr8 is the leading edge of smarter business, and we want to be the partner you deserve.

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