Experts within the increasingly competitive managed ICT services space confirm that with mounting pressure of high data volumes on infrastructure and operations and the demand for Unified Communications, the supply chain is of critical importance. To acquire the very best and maintain the integrity of this chain, it is crucial to partner with the best claim the leadership behind Integr8.


ICT procurement, acquisition and supply chain management has changed with the times says Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, “The dynamics are quite different. Whereas in the past, businesses use to rely primarily on a partner to provide the solution and service, and any post-sales support, today the advent of the Cloud and reliance upon the data centre has placed a great deal more power into the hands of business owners in terms of infrastructure control. The situation calls for a strong, reliable but balanced supply chain.”


In today’s market the business owner is more tech-savvy – they are more empowered to make decisions about what they want, where they want it and who will be their supplier of choice Sussman explains. In essence this means that the decision maker is in a better position to extract maximum advantage from the supply chain in place.


“It is not enough to simply have product stock and a baseline knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to integration. Today, the service provider/ supplier must have an intimate knowledge of technology, of trends and also of how these resources will address core requirements of their client. In essence those who supply technology or solutions now serve as an extension of their client’s business and automatically have a vested interest in ensuring any technology brought on board actually works,” he adds.


This is where having an experienced partner on board to help manage the supply chain adds measurable value Sussman continues.


Together with his group of executive leaders, Sussman directs the Integr8 business and unique Nerve Centre® offering to help domestic and international clients achieve maximum advantage.


He says Integr8’s role is not only to help clients keep track of the progress of their supply chain, to assist if and when problems arise, but also to provide clients with as much access to the latest products, international best practices and game-changing trends as possible.


The Company has numerous clients across various markets on its books including Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo; Necsa; MPact; Ellerines EHL; Medhold; JTI;  NHLS, ATM Solutions, Gearhouse and Club Travel.


These clients look to Integr8 to support mission critical processes and procedures within the supply chain, without which, should there be interruption or hold-ups, there is a reliable partner who can step in and help sort it out.


This translates into consistency in operations, efficiency, productivity and differentiation within markets that are unforgiving for those who cannot keep up.


“No business can operate to the maximum levels of productivity and efficiency without its key supply chain in place, maintained and ready. Simply acquiring technology is just one phase of a greater cycle and partners have become an integral part in the chain,” Sussman adds.