There are those that love animals and then there are those people that go out of their way to truly show what it is to care for them. This is what PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) is all about; and this is also one facet of Shaun Rimer’s personality. For those of you that work closely with Shaun, you will be familiar with his enthusiasm for saving rescued animals or requesting a donation for the care of them. Many a time one will find an email from him with a lonesome, little fury face peering back at you, requesting a home or some food, or hear Shaun’s voice above the hum of the Sales Executives to demand that people give a donation and he will take photos to show how one has contributed to helping something else in need.

PETS is close to Shaun’s heart in that they too believe that every animal deserves a fighting chance. Their ethos is to work with the community to help improve the lives of disadvantaged, abused and abandoned animals in order to provide them with meals, warm shelter, inoculations, vet care and rehoming, should they require it. PETS is non-profit, pro-life, pro-active, and registered. It relies on its volunteers and supporters to provide it with time spent to help empower both its animals and organization.

Shaun Rimer became acquainted with PETS via an email sent in his social network. His friends are also avid animal lovers and thought that Shaun would be interested in this new organization that had cropped up, encouraging people to give of their time to the less fortunate four-legged friends of township areas. Shaun did contact them and does indeed volunteer of his time. From there, his relationship with PETS has grown. He can often be found going into townships to help local vets give medication to lost, abandoned or sick animals. He helps organize and encourage local communities to let their animals be spayed or neutered thus not perpetuating the cycle of neglected or unwanted strays. He encourages friends to donate food and gives of his earnings freely. This year, in preparation for winter, Shaun initiated a blanket drive. PETS did not ask for anything, it was Shaun that did all of the motivation.

Last year, Integr8 (driven once again by Shaun’s enthusiasm) donated blankets to Kitty/Puppy Haven, who were in desperate need of new ones. Shaun remembered this charitable contribution and approached the Integr8 Executives with the idea that PETS may also need new blankets seeing that they are currently in the process of building new kennels and would then, in turn, need blankets for the animals to sleep on as well as keep them warm. They agreed on the idea and 150 blankets were sent up to Integr8 Johannesburg for PETS to receive. Justine, a PETS representative, was on hand to receive them, and could not contain her excitement. She had no idea that so many were to be given to her and her car was overflowing with warmth. This warmth was to be given to our furry friends who, without Shaun Rimer, would be that little bit colder this winter. Asking Shaun on the result of the initiative, Shaun just smiles as if he doesn’t really want to brag, although he should be proud, but lifts his head with a secret smile and says, “I feel awesome!”