Jerry Mochusi is a name that many have known for a good number of years around Integr8’s offices. It doesn’t matter who one speaks to, people know him and it is purely because in some way or another, Jerry has been involved in Integr8’s day to day operations.

Jerry’s involvement and enthusiasm is typical of his nature, and qualities that Integr8 looks for in its employees. Although not overbearing, his confidence, professionalism and drive are exactly what helped Jerry work his way up within Integr8 from driver to First Line Co-Coordinator in South Africa’s only Nerve Centre®

Jerry began his career with the Integr8 Group “by accident, when a friend told me that they were looking for a driver to deliver goods”. Jerry did not only deliver goods however, but also chauffeured our Joint CEOs Rob Sussman and Lance Fanaroff to and from the airport. Our Marketing Director, Tami Sussman, would also “join in the fun but I am not sure that she was too comfortable with my driving,” he exclaims with a burst of laughter. Jerry goes on to say that on his many deliveries, he was always interested in the goods going to our customers, and so on his return to Integr8’s offices in Johannesburg, he would spend all his spare time in the Repairs & Spares department, and request that Austin Chitswa teach him more about the products. Jerry spent so much of his free time in this department that he soon was “helping take things apart and fixing what was wrong. I just loved it; loved everything about our business”. With the encouragement of Austin, Ebie Patel – Procurement Manager, and under both Rob Sussman’s and Lance Fanaroff’s constant watch, Jerry soon found himself in the Nerve Centre®. Helping customers and frontline support is now what drives Jerry and he is growing from strength to strength.

“I love IT. I love what it is about and I have learnt so much from just being trained on the job” Jerry proclaims. It is through Integr8’s constant recognition of employee commitment and willingness to strive to better oneself that Integr8’s go-getter enthusiasm is reflected in Jerry Mochusi. Integr8 believes in the idea of living one’s brand and driving change both by being the change and reflecting it. Jerry is a shining example of what this truly means. For others out there that are thinking of entering the ICT environment Jerry only has one thing to say, “Integr8! This is the company, but not just a company, more like a family. Come and see how a company can feel like a family. It is a place where encouragement can help you achieve and make you believe you can do anything. Come try your luck and see where it gets you. I did it and look where I am. You can only go far with I8” Jerry’s next aim is to be Nerve Centre® Manager. Well with a winning attitude like that, we certainly can all go far with Integr8!

Article written by Nicole Shaw