In partnership with Reach For A Dream, dream catcher Integr8 fulfils Chezlyn’s dream.

Chezlyn Kemraj is a 11 year old girl who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She lives in Pietermaritzburg with her parents, Narisha and Aveen.  At school, her favorite subjects are computers and technology, and dreams of becoming an accountant when she grows up. Singing and performing in front of a crowd is a passion of Chezlyn’s, which is no wonder why her favourite TV program is none other than Glee.

Integr8 contacted Reach for a Dream in the hope to make a difference to the life of one their dreamers, and came across Chezlyn whose dream is to have her very own iPad. She would also love to see Chris Brown live on stage upon his next visit to South Africa.

Lauren Booth, Brand Manager at Integr8, flew to Durban to meet the Reach for a Dream team to assist in making this beautiful little girl’s dream of owning an iPad come true. Lunch was had at Butterflies for Africa in Pietermaritzburg, which included a walk amongst the butterflies at Butterfly House, followed by a tour taken through the Cotton-Top Tamarin monkey enclosure.

Chezlyn will celebrate her 12th birthday on the 18th of September.