Serial entrepreneur and joint- CEO of Interg8, Robert Sussman, searches for 3 core characteristics when interviewing applicants; “The question of whether he or she shares the company’s culture is of critical importance, so finding the right ‘culture fit’ is half the combat won.” Sussman continues, “Ascertaining his or her ‘value stack’ would be another.” The applicant must have the same personal value system to that of the company. Sussman explains that he searches for someone who is innovative, with a positive can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, and notes that these are the particular individuals who have grown within the company over the years.  “Technical ability, being the aptitude to exceed expectations within your role is the third.”

Office Manager and Personal Assistant to joint-CEOs Lance Fanaroff and Robert Sussman, Gwynith Voges-White is best described as ‘wonder woman’ and is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. “My experience at Integr8 over the past 10 years has been phenomenal. I have grown as an individual and learnt the importance of mutual respect and more importantly, how to treat people regardless of the situation. Robert’s Facebook status once read ‘You can tell a lot about a man’s character in the way that he treats the person that can do nothing for him’ which is why working at Integr8 has become more about life’s lessons than the work.”

Integr8ers are encouraged to be creative and to ‘think out the box’, Dale Arries who celebrates his 10 year anniversary with the company this year says, “Within the I.T industry one needs to be dynamic or risk falling behind.” Arries continues, “I have been granted incredible opportunities over the years encouraging me to grow within Integr8 business, and as a result of the support

I have received from the Executive board, I am able to offer our clients the best service and support.” Sussman adds, “I encourage the team to come up with ideas, and to not be afraid of failure as long as we are failing forwards, we know that we have tried.” Carl Abrahams reflects on his interview he had with Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff 10 years ago, “I will never forget Rob’s words, ‘I am notoffering you a job, but a career’, and it has stuck to this day.” Abrahams continues, “I began as an assistant on the helpdesk, and later became the manager which required me to travel to Johannesburg on a regular basis to assist with the Nerve Centre and the implementation of the ITIL policies. Today, I am a Projects Coordinator at Integr8, and a testament to Robert’s words.”

Sussman notes the ‘corporatization’ of Integr8 over the past few years, “Integr8 is a privately-owned dynamic and agile business which has slowly become ‘corporatized’ owing to sound processes and systems, yet remains young, fresh and innovative. “I remember when I started working at Integr8,” says Graeme Clark, “we operated from a boardroom, this was our entire office, not long after we outgrew the space and moved into a more formal office set-up, which satisfied our needs temporarily, before moving to our current offices in The Equinox.” Clarke remarks, “Through all these moves there was always one thing that remained constant: our drive to succeed.” Sergio Pinto, trusted driver and storage manager for the past decade echoes Clarke’s sentiments, “I am thankful for being a part of this team and I look forward to another decade!”

Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO describes what he looks for when hiring a candidate, “There are 3 types of people in this world. There are people who hold back, people who watch things happen, and then there are the people who make things happen; who are ultimately the type we look to hire.” Fanaroff notes the intrinsic qualities that separate job seekers from employees, “Ambition, initiative and the ability to take ownership and accountability oftheir duties and responsibilities.” Considering the importance Integr8 places on development of internal  skills and the enforcement a corporate culture of NOW, instilling this mind set from the top down, one requires little evidence to understand why employees at Integr8 are slow to move yet fast to work, lead, inspire and learn.