DATE:  11 JANUARY 2010

Company Announcement: The Integr8 Group completes major ICT infrastructure overhaul for JHI

The Integr8 Group completes major ICT infrastructure overhaul for JHI

The Integr8 Group, South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist, has successfully completed a large-scale ICT consolidation and infrastructure deployment project at its client JHI, an established national property services company.

Management at JHI ( required the services of a skilled, established ICT managed services partner to assist in installation of a new hosted server environment across its entire national branch network.

Approximately 300 user accounts, save those in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria, in addition to a number of other remote sites, were to be migrated onto the new infrastructure.

The installation involved the combination of technologies including eDirectory; Microsoft Exchange 2007; Citrix Zen Servers; WSUS and Backup and AV deployment on the latest versions of Symantec Backup Executive. The project included migration to an MTN MPLS infrastructure.

It also called for the collective input and contribution of Professional Services Technical Solution Experts in Advanced Infrastructure

A primary objective of the installation was to advance the organisation towards Cloud Computing, centralised servers, secure ease of administration and achieve stability.

This would expose the company to a range of business-building benefits including significant savings on bandwidth and administration cost; centralised user data and application, as well as improved access to shared services.

“Together The Integr8 Group and JHI IST team established a new technical environment and leverage off numerous advantages, including less information technology administration and overhead, enhanced control over applications distribution to branches and reductions in server hardware maintenance,” explains Bennie Strydom, Sales Director, The Integr8 Group.

Strydom adds that an additional benefit within the project was the application of redundancy in the form of disaster recovery. With two data centers, one at JHI Sandton and the other in the hosting environment, downtime to branches have been eliminated to the bare minimum.

Management at The Integr8 Group stress that this extensive and successful project could not have taken place without the committed application of the Microsoft Solutions Framework and the collaborative effort of its Professional Services, Project Management and Account Executive teams.

“We use Microsoft Solutions Framework to ensure successful planning is done and the project is delivered on time. Most of the task and deployment phases was completed after hours and had minimal or no impact on business. Our Professional Services and Project Management teams ensured that the project was completed within budget and time frame. The Integr8 Group’s Account Executive team assisted with building the relationship during the project – and we intend to partner with JHI on a few new ventures that will optimise its businesses to a new level within the ICT playing field,” adds Strydom.

Thea Bezuidenhout, Divisional Director: Support Services at JHI, says that the Integr8 Group and JHI IST team partnered in this project which will have a number of very clear benefits for the company as part of its ICT management strategy going forward.

“The Integr8 Group has a number of skilled ICT managed services practitioners and a wealth of experience that the company brings to the table. We consider the company to be a strategic partner with whom we can co-source effectively to ensure all necessary systems are put in place. This has been a large scale project that involved extensive planning and co-ordination. We are happy with the results to date and we look forward to engaging with The Integr8 Group with regard to additional upgrade, implementation and enhancement of existing infrastructure as part of our growth management strategy,” says Bezuidenhout.