DATE:  28 OCTOBER 2009

Company Announcement: A true African Achiever – Integr8 IT a finalist in four ICT Awards

A true African Achiever – Integr8 IT a finalist in four ICT Awards

Executive management at Integr8 IT, South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist, has received confirmation of the company’s nomination in four categories in the annual ForgeAhead Africa ICT Achiever Awards.

Integr8 IT is one of only three top South African companies competing in several categories in 2009 including Top ICT Businessman, Young Entrepreneur, Innovative Company and Top CIO/CTO.

Robert Sussman, CEO at Integr8 Group, is delighted with the company’s position amongst the highest ranking competitors in the industry-wide award programme.

ForgeAhead – an established ICT research and consulting business in Africa – has designed the programme to underline the message of ‘making the African Century a reality’.

This is a concept that Sussman believes Integr8 IT continues to instill via its evolving managed services and ICT infrastructure management service portfolio.

“The Integr8 IT managed services business model, its concept and service offering has adjusted well to current market dynamics and, indeed, continues to prove its worth as a value added component of general ICT strategy,” says Sussman.

“We are encouraged by the recognition we receive from local industry and it reinforces our strategy going forward into key regions throughout Africa that continue to represent areas of massive potential for connectivity within communication and digital lifestyle technology driven markets,” he adds.

This is not the first year this associate company within the Integr8 Group has been recognised for its work in South Africa and neighboring countries in Africa.

Among its key business achievements is the successful establishment of a fully operational main office base in Botswana and effective business generation, through strategic partnerships, via presence in regions such as Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria.

Integr8 IT has a successful track record in both nominations and actual victories within the African ICT Achiever Awards Programme.

Integr8 IT has also been acknowledged for housing the CIO of the Year and representing the most innovative ICT company on the African continent.

“We are very proud of our recognition at this level of technology adoption and application to Africa. These awards are important, add substantial impetus and credibility to business and are respected and recognised by markets throughout the continent,” Sussman continues.