Integr8 is known in the market for its agility, for its knowledge of local and international ICT trends and for putting the customer first. But, the company is primarily known for the quality of its expertise – and Financial Director Chris van der Walt is a great example. His financial acumen and business sense has helped to direct the company and position it as a recognised leader. Chris is a qualified Chartered Accountant and completed his articles at Deloitte. He completed a Senior Management Development Program at the University of Stellenbosch business school.

He first started as a financial manager at Integr8 after completing his articles and, in his own words, ‘has never looked back’. He has learnt a great deal from the previous CFO and current CEOs, and has applied core business principle, lessons learnt and his passion for technology in business within his current position. Chris demonstrates the possibilities and opportunities that awaits Integr8 staff who exemplify the passion, dedication and commitment the company stands for.