This month Graeme Clarke celebrates his 11 year anniversary with Integr8, a Technical Manager described by the group’s operations manager as someone who “works ‘smarter’ than any engineer I have ever worked with at Integr8, this is a man who manages tasks faster and smoother than anyone before him.” It is no wonder when employment strategies at Integr8 are based on the principle of employing the very best minds in the industry.

According to Graeme, significant emphasis is placed on teamwork at Integr8, “If you are ever stuck with a problem, you can pick up the phone and know that someone will point you in the right direction. Always one to look for improvement, and never happy to do the same job over again without finding some way to reduce the time of implementation, Graeme has become a major asset to the business.

Overseeing up to 110 client sites, Graeme’s greatest lesson has been patience and forward planning, “I have come to expect the unexpected, things don’t always go according to ‘Plan A’, therefore one needs to have a back-up plan up your sleeve.” Compliments have been many and complaints few throughout his 11 years with the group, “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Graeme for over a decade, and we thank him for raising the bar so high for the rest of us.” says Joint-CEO Lance Fanaroff. Graeme draws his inspiration from joint-CEOs Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff owing to their insatiable hunger for success. Integr8’s operations manager explains, “I doubt Graeme has spent more than 10 minutes on any forma studies since joining Integr8, but has graduated Cum Laude from the University of Life in the way he has quietly and efficiently gone about his work”.

Written by Lauren Booth