It may be some time still before he takes on his dream job of running a beach bar on an exotic island, but for Bennie Strydom, Chief Sales Officer at the Integr8 IT, until that day arrives, his mind will be active 24/365 and he will have little sleep. Just over 12 years after joining the ICT managed Services Company, the thirty-something year-old believes he has achieved a lot and is destined for even greater things.

Computers have always been a passion and the convergence of technology with business, the cornerstone of the ICT industry, has always appealed to him. The first PC he got was from his parents in 1996.

“I love the fact that technology always changes and remains part of our daily lives, albeit in various ways and forms. I really enjoy the ability to extend one’s entrepreneurial spirit in an industry that has such a broad spectrum, and use technology to create and manage successful businesses,” says Strydom.

Armed with a passion for success and the role of technology in business, he secured a position as Technician at Integr8 IT in 2001.

The company was making its mark in the domestic and international ICT space – at a time when uncertainty hovered over ICT services in general and the industry was going through what became known as the “Dot.Bom”. Integr8 IT started moving forwards, at a time when most of the industry leaders where moving backwards.

He has always been an integral part of the success of Integr8 IT.

Since the day he first joined the company, Strydom has not looked back and his expectation of being satisfied in working in an industry that changes constantly and is fuelled by innovation has been met.

There have been several milestones in his career at Integr8 IT, including his appointment as Sales Director in 2006, and he does not struggle to come up with reasons why he enjoys what he does.

“I work with some of the smartest people in the industry and with great partners. I am inspired by success and it is really interesting to see the influence game-changing trends like cloud computing and the social media is having on operations,” says Strydom.

But he is not stopping to admire his handiwork. He wants to work harder towards attaining his five-year plan to be in CEO position and a member of the BCG board.

He is determined to continue to use his plethora of mobile devices to do his job and generate additional revenue for the company by driving sales and innovation to customers and their businesses.

“Global economic pressure is forcing companies to extend their assets and delay investment in fresh IT projects. However, we have a solid value proposition that works and a business model that clearly adds value. In this industry you need knowledge of trends, an understanding of the needs of clients, passion and of course…….a smartphone to succeed,” he quips.