Members of the Integr8 Group’s technical services team have received awards and recognition from their client, ATM Solutions, for their contribution towards the strengthening of the country’s national Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) infrastructure.

Integr8 is South Africa’s largest privately owned managed service provider. The company provides support for the complete network infrastructure (LAN & WAN), servers and desktop devices for ATM Solutions nationwide.

Integr8’s technical services team plays an integral role in guaranteeing the rollout of the company’s proactive service delivery offering.

ATM Solutions is a subsidiary of Paycorp Holdings and bank-independent ATM service provider to predominantly non-bank branch and retail locations. The company leverages off country-wide infrastructure and its expertise in wireless technology to ensure optimum functionality across installed ATMs.

To date the company has installed and operates over 4000 retail and bank branch ATMs.

ATM Solutions has designed and implemented an internal IT recognition program called ‘IT Stars’ to allow the entire IT team (both internal and outsourced) to nominate individuals and/or groups for official company recognition.

The Integr8 team received an award for Excellence in Service, as well as recognition for their determination to increase and sustain levels of service.

Among the other accolades, the team also received an award for deploying a complex Cisco project

“In addition to the value of client recognition, the project and Integr8’s involvement proves the difference that can be made by having the right partner, structure and resources in place to ensure service delivery,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.

ATM Solutions management has commended the effort of Integr8, the reliability and power of the alliance and ongoing service levels.

“We are very proud of our association with Integr8 and the role this established, progressive company continues to play in ensuring sound, reliable and effective ATM infrastructure,” says ATM Solutions Management