Two industry leaders, Accsys and Integr8, are working together to enhance cloud service delivery across Africa.

Both Accsys and Integr8 are owned by Business Connexion and Accsys is a national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time & attendance space.

Integr8 IT, the ICT infrastructure management company part of the Integr8 Group, was recently acquired by the Business Connexion Group, an established local and international managed ICT services provider.

Aside from the synergy in being part of the BCX Group, the two companies share a passion for optimum service delivery to the market – and demonstrating what can be done with the right solution from the right service provider.

With this partnership in place, Accsys and Integr8 have agreed to promote product and services related to the cloud and the value each proposes as part of their respective offerings.

This is of particular significance within Africa’s developing cloud services space.

Dr Liam Terblanche, Chief Information Officer at Accsys, says that whilst there is no doubt that the continent is the next frontier when it comes to infrastructure development and growth opportunities, cloud computing requires 95% connectivity in terms of electricity or data access, a guarantee of the bandwidth associated with a lot of hosted solutions presently being offered in the cloud.

“Also, legislatively, some countries have issues with handing data over to a service provider in another part of the world. So how does one prepare Africa for this next iteration in information technology services? At Accsys, we realise that, in order to host software as a service in the cloud, you have to develop your offering in a way that addresses these domain-specific challenges,” says Dr Terblanche.

“Off-site persistence of data in the case of loss of connectivity, inexpensive power backup options to mitigate the risk of power failures, and the ability to quickly transfer (not convert or migrate) the client’s data from a hosted solution to a mobile/on-site alternative are three core steps that we have taken in designing a hosted solution for Payroll, HR, and Time and Attendance that makes the Accsys PeopleCloud solution one that can go toe-to-toe with its competitors in the global arena, but still address the real-world challenges we run into when offering such services on this continent,” he continues.

It is this focus on cost efficient infrastructure and the capability that can be achieved from strategic implementation that aligns closely with the objectives of Integr8.

Cloud services is a core component of the company’s managed ICT services portfolio and management confirms that there is more interest in cloud services and how these services can help build business.

Integr8 continues to create awareness around the advantages of cloud, how these can be realised through the application of a carefully constructed strategy based on the requirements of the business and dynamics of the environment.

Management agrees with the point being raised within the industry that there is business advantage to cloud adoption, but this has to be done with a clear understanding of which business processes and procedures, areas of operation and application can- and should be handled in the cloud.

As an established managed ICT services provider Integr8 has tailored its services offering to ensure that clients have a range of solutions available to meet their needs.

One of the key emerging trends is the interest and adoption of cloud services within the small-to-medium business market segment, a sign that cloud services has gained momentum and there is improved understanding of the relevance and significance of this game-changer.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, says the partnership with Accsys to boost cloud service provision is an important step in the development of the local industry and in creating awareness of what cloud actually means for business.

“The combination of our experience and expertise with the quality of software that Accsys possesses and has earned a solid reputation for, makes this alliance highly significant to the South African market and the continent as a whole,” says Sussman.