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Integr8 recognises that, as we go about our business, we influence the environment directly and indirectly.

Integr8 embraces the role it has to play in conserving our country’s natural resources for future generations.

As such, our pledge to the environment extends beyond legislative compliance and is part of our integrated sustainability strategy and approach.

While our day-to-day business operations may not have a significant impact on the environment, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility towards protecting our country’s natural heritage and helping to preserve our planet for future generations.

This is not a responsibility we take lightly, and our passion for environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our reputation as a pioneering ‘Green’ South African organisation.

Our Green computing

All of our work, services and offerings address environmental sustainability and are based on our approach that Green ICT strategies must form part of ICT best practices.

The goals of green computing are similar to green chemistry; reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product’s lifetime, and promote the recyclability or biodegradability of defunct products and waste

We follow the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems—such as monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications systems—efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment

Our solution offerings are associated to existing IT solutions, addressing existing ICT best practice, and by delivering green benefits to our clients.