DATE:  29 MARCH 2010
A fresh new website of Integr8 proportion
The Integr8 Group, South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist, has made a substantial investment in the upgrading of its official corporate website (

The established managed ICT services provider and recipient of several domestic industry accolades, including recognition by Impumelelo 2010 as well as from organisers of the African Achiever Awards, recently implemented a fresh look & feel, with added functionality that reflects a new breed of ICT services claims management.

Following several years of success in having helped to firmly establish the Integr8 brand as a premier service provider within the emerging ICT virtual services and support space,  executive management decided that the website had to be refurbished and restructured.

This decision was based on more than just cosmetic change to the look and feel – it was primarily the right time to align the site to reflect the progress and level of expertise housed within the company.  Key changes included a redesign on the presentation of content, easier navigation, user-friendly interface and a faster, more rounded overall experience for the visitor.

A significant aspect of the Integr8 Group’s rise within the domestic ICT services domain has been its firm grip on what works and what doesn’t in terms of technology infrastructure acquisition, investment and integration in business. To this end, management was adamant that current and emerging trends that influence corporate digital communication, namely cross-reference with- and inter-linking  between global social networking sites – including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook – had to form part of the website restructure process.

To this end the Integr8 Group website features links to the company’s presence within these social networking sites, including blogs and Twitter posts.

Tami Sussman, Director, HR & Marketing at the Integr8 Group, is aware of the need to regulate access and control usage when it comes to engaging with social network sites, particularly from an HR and productivity point of view, but believes that well-managed presence on these social networks can be beneficial for business.

“This is the way companies and individuals network today. It makes sense to demonstrate our capability, level of involvement and contribution to this area of modern business management,” says Sussman.

Other information incorporated into the new site details growth and achievement at every level of operation, from the company’s acclaimed Nerve Centre™, to its managed services division, HR, innovation, success stories of infrastructure integration, application and much more.

“The information, communication technology and telecommunication industries are growing at a rapid rate and there is now a much higher level of innovation and application development. With the increase in skills development, product formulation and introduction, the advent of cloud-based services and social networking, amongst a host of influences, the level at which a business engages with its market and advertises competency is at an all-time high. The website, we believe, is pivotal to any modern corporate direction and strategy,” comments Sussman.

Foremost on the list of requirements laid down by management for the new site was an exciting, attractive and clean layout, relevant and up-to-date information as well as straightforward navigation and presentation.

“Essentially, we wanted to offer the browser, be it a first-time visitor or a regular reviewer, a complete overview of the company from the first click through. Our intention is that people, irrespective of whether they return to the site or not,  understand the basics of what we do and why we do it. The site is the front line of external communication within the modern market, and we hope our site reflects our appreciation of this and our continued endorsement of the principles of meaningful digital interaction,” Sussman continues.

The new site is live and, according to Sussman, has been well received amongst customers and partners.

“We are very proud of the new site. We believe it is a powerful, accurate reflection of our commitment to meaningful engagement with the market,” she added.